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West Texas Electric offers professional electrician services to homes and businesses in the West Texas area. We provide fast and affordable electrical service for remodels and renovations, security, entertainment, lighting, and mainteneance. We regularly service homes and businesses in urban areas, but our specialty is ranch and rural electrical services and problem solving. Quality of service and customer satisfaction is what has allowed us to continue to serve West Texas on a daily basis. We stand by our work, and if at any time we cannot fix the problem you will not be charged.

Whether it’s a minor electrical home repair or a major commercial project involving complicated electrical systems, wirings, and troubleshooting, we are confident that our licensed electricians will be able to accommodate your requirements.

Remodels and Renovations

Remodels and renovations to your home or office can often cause unneeded stress in our lives. With so many factors to consider when planning a renovation, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. When it comes to electrical, let West Texas Electric take that stress off your shoulders. We can remove and replace all of your light fixtures, appliances, ceiling fans, and power outlets. We can also upgrade wiring and service pannels to accomodate a new addition. We can even help with simply rearranging the locations of outlets, TVs, and networking equipment.

Troubleshooting Repairs

At West Texas Electric no job is too small. We are here to assist you with any of your home or office electrical needs at an affordable rate and in a timely fashion. We can repair or replace light fixtures, outlets, switches, ceiling fans, and audio visual equipment. We can also diagnose and remedy any outages or safetey issues that you may be having.

Service Panel Upgrades

Keeping a service panel up to date and free from any code violations is one of the most important things that a home or business owner can do to keep occupants safe. There are a number of factors that can jeapordize the integrity of a service panel such as old age, new building additions or appliences, and occasionally the harsh Texas weather. Whatever condition your service panel is in, West Texas Electric can fix or replace it.

TV/Phone/Data/Home Theater

In recent years we have seen a massive increase in the number of devices and electronics in homes and offices. Unfortuinately, our electrical infrasructure is not always ready for these new additions. West Texas Electric is here to assist you with running new audio/visual, network, and phone lines through the walls so that you wont have an unsightly mess of new cables whenever you install a new device. We don't just stop with the wiring through, we will also mount and install TVs, speakers, or even an entire home theater.

Whole House Surge Protection

Do you plug your TV or computer into a surge protector? Most of us do. But sometimes we overlook things like refrigerators, stoves, and HVAC units. Electrical storms pose just as much of a threat to your appliances as they do to electronics. If you have unprotected appliences, or just want an extra layer of security, it is a good idea to call West Texas Electric to come and install a whole house surge protector. The whole house surge protector is insalled right next to your service box and will add an extra layer of security to protect you from costly replacements.

Property Maintenance

If you own rental properties or apartments West Texas Electric is your partner in helping to ensure the safety and comfort of your tenants. We can assist you with pre or post occupancy inspections and repais as well as service any issues that may arise for current tenants. When your tenants call us you can rest asured knowing that an experienced electrition that is already familiar with your property is getting the job done.

Electrical Code Inspection

Buying or selling a home? Unforseen electrical problems can greately affect the selling price of a property. Let us come in and run a National Electrical Code (NEC) inspection so that you know what what you are getting into and how to remedy them. In addition to the inspection, we are here to help you get your building back up to code in no time.

New Wiring to Appliances

Larger applices can often reqire special wiring or outlets in order to power them. They can also sometimes increase the load on your service panel. West Texas Electric can not only install the proper outlet to power your appliance, but we can also repair and replace their electrical cords. Above all, we will also ensure that your service panel is ready to handle the new electrical load.

Energy Management

Energy bills can become quite costly here in Texas, especially during the summer and winter. West Texas Electric can asses the energy needs of your house and make improvements and suggestions to help you save money every month. We can upgrade old electrical infrastructure to utilize newer and more efficient technology, as well as set up time clocks for outdoor lighting, pools, and even HVAC units. We can also make money saving recommendations about the type of lighting that you use in your home.

Electrical Safety

Electrical and gas safety is one of the most important aspects of oning a home or commercial building. We can install and link combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to provide you with early warning of dangerous gas leaks. When it comes to electrical safety, we can install GFCIs(ground fault circuit interrupter) that automatically shut off when they detect current flowing along an unintended path such as water or a person. GFCIs are even required by the NEC in kichens, bathrooms, unfinished basements, garages, exterior areas, and any place close to water.

Exterior & Security Lighting

Lighting the exterior areas and parking lots of your business is one of the best ways to deter crime during non business hours. We can insall and repair any and all parts and bulbs associated with pole lighting, wall lights, flood lights, and entry way lights. We can also install motion sensors, photo cells, and time clocks to fit your needs. As with all of our installations, we guarantee that we will utilize the latest in lighting technology to not only ensure reliability, but also save you money on the energy bill.

Backup Generators

Are you prepared for an extended power outage at your home? Maybe your business cannot run the risk of being without power for even a second? West Texas electric can install generators that use a variety of differnt fuel types to best suit the needs of your home or business. We will also integrate the generator with an automatic power transfer switch so that in the event of an outage your generator will turn on and provide power automatically.